Want Better Insights From Your Advisors? Give Them Time.

If you really want to get your advisors thinking — and providing you with the strategic advice you are seeking — they’ll need more than the four to six hours afforded to them by a meeting.

By giving them time to digest information, reflect on their thoughts, as well as the thoughts and opinions of their colleagues, the quality of their contribution will undoubtedly increase. But as we all know, their time is precious and difficult to come by.

Introducing the Longitudinal Expert Engagement Plan™

This is a tool that helps you give your advisors more time, and it’s changing the way companies are running their advisory boards.

Instead of cramming a year’s worth of material into a few meetings, a Longitudinal Expert Engagement Plan™ (LEEP™) spreads the activities out over the course of a year and creates an ongoing conversation between you and your customers.

Think Drip Instead of the Deluge

You can plan your LEEP™ to engage with your customers as often as you want. We recommend once every two months — any less makes participation less likely to become habit-forming (which is what you want) and any more might be a little overkill (which is what you don’t want).

Through the Impetus InSite Platform®, the platform that houses the online touchpoint activities from your LEEP™, you can give your customers room to learn, think, and interact with each other.

If you’ve set up your LEEP™ properly, your customers will eventually be doing most of the talking and asking most of the questions, and that’s when you’ll start getting better insights.

Repetition Leads to Retention.

It’s time to stop thinking of advisory boards as meetings. If you take the time to pick the right people, you should take the time to keep them. Continuity is key — your advisory board will become more and more effective the longer you work with them. Build a staple of advisors you can reach out to as the need arises. The closer the customer becomes to you, the greater their interest in helping you.