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Sustainable Meetings Best Practices Infographic

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Download our infographic on sustainable meeting practices in the life sciences industry. Learn how virtual meetings reduce environmental impact and save costs while maintaining high-quality engagement. Perfect for professionals seeking eco-friendly solutions. Visit our blog for more insights! ↓ Download Infographic Close Download: Infographic Click here to…
Patient centricity concept

New playbook: virtual patient engagement

Authentic patient engagement and insight-gathering are becoming must-haves in Pharma. However, multiple obstacles remain before patient-centricity becomes more than a buzzword. In our latest playbook, we take a deep dive into the top barriers preventing cross-functional teams from wholeheartedly adopting patient-centric practices, along with how to overcome…
Sustainability concept

Infographic: Impetus’ Sustainability Journey

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At Impetus Digital, we put sustainability at the forefront of everything we do and are actively working toward carbon-neutrality! We’re proud of everything we’ve achieved so far and encourage our followers, clients, and competitors to join in the fight. Check out some of our major accomplishments to…