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Impetus Digital is committed to providing value to our clients and industry connections. The resources below explore the latest trends related to the pharma and life science industries, collaboration technologies, and the psychology of digital collaboration, as well as general topics related to Impetus’ expertise and ways of improving advisory board efficacy. Subscribe to our newsletter today to stay in the loop!

Impetus Digital’s Virtual Event Checklist

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Planning your first (or 100th) virtual event? Download our handy and thorough checklist, originally developed for the Medical Affairs Professional Society, to make planning your event a breeze and ensure that all of your virtual events run smoothly and seamlessly! We’ll take you through every step, from the pre-planning stage to the post-event follow-up and…
Infographic: Why Impetus Digital?

Infographic: Why Impetus Digital?

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At Impetus Digital, we take client and participant feedback extremely seriously. At the beginning of each year (as well as on an ongoing basis), we do a thorough review of all feedback received for the prior year. This helps ensure that all of our events are delivered with white-glove service and 360° coverage and care.…
In-Person Meeting Capabilities

Infographic: Our In-Person Meeting Capabilities

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Learn all about Impetus Digital’s unique In-Person Meeting Capabilities! We work closely with you to make the most out of your valuable face-to-face time with your advisors. Our services include Strategic Consulting, Advisor Discovery, Identification, Recruitment and Contracting, Project Management… We work closely with you to make the most out of your valuable face-to-face time…