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Impetus Digital is committed to providing value to our clients and industry connections. The resources below explore the latest trends related to the pharma and life science industries, collaboration technologies, and the psychology of digital collaboration, as well as general topics related to Impetus’ expertise and ways of improving advisory board efficacy. Subscribe to our newsletter today to stay in the loop!

In-Person Meeting Capabilities

Infographic: Our In-Person Meeting Capabilities

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Learn all about Impetus Digital’s unique In-Person Meeting Capabilities! We work closely with you to make the most out of your valuable face-to-face time with your advisors. Our services include Strategic Consulting, Advisor Discovery, Identification, Recruitment and Contracting, Project Management… We work closely with you to make the most out of your valuable face-to-face time…
Psychology of digital collaboration

eBook: The Psychology of Digital Collaboration

With the rapid advancements in digital technologies over the last few decades, the way we communicate with one another has changed dramatically in recent years. Especially, email, social media, and mobile proximity have completely transformed our day-to-day conversations with family, friends, colleagues, and customers…
the impetus advantage advisor feedback

Infographic: The Impetus Advantage

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Being able to share best practices and read, review, and discuss the latest data with colleagues across the country (or world). This is the most common advisor feedback Impetus receives! Advisors frequently mention that the online touchpoints are very helpful for reflecting on and improving their own practice, and that they enjoy reading recent and…