Real-time Meetings From the Comfort of Your Home or Office

Impetus' interactive web meetings allow small-group discussions with your participants in real-time. Our web meetings include multiple innovative tools, such as real-time polling, to ensure high interactivity and engagement throughout the meeting. For larger groups, breakout sessions can be organized for part of the meeting. These meetings are especially useful for presenting and getting immediate feedback on new data, as introductory touchpoints at the beginning of a new advisory board, and to discuss and summarize the insights collected in previous touchpoints.

Tools & Service Inclusions
Customer Stories
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“Virtualizing” a Company Brand Planning Meeting: a Customer Story
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“Virtualizing” an In-person Meeting: a Customer Story
Nephrology Research Grants Submission and Approval Program
Nephrology Research Grants Submission and Approval Program
treatment pathway profiling: a creative way to engage your advisors
Treatment Pathway Profiling on the Impetus InSite Platform®
Multiple Sclerosis RWE Working Group Customer Success Story
Multiple Sclerosis RWE Working Group Customer Success Story
Clinical Trial Collaboration
Clinical Trial Collaboration: An Oncology Customer Success Story
Patient Advisory Board Crohn’s Disease
Crohn’s Disease Patient Advisory Board: A Customer Success Story
neurology virtual advisory board
Neurology Virtual Advisory Board: A Customer Success Story
Security Features

At Impetus Digital, security is our middle name!

Your IT department will approve of the secure technology and protocols used in the planning, hosting, and reporting of your web meeting or webinar. Impetus Digital’s comprehensive web meeting technology safeguards and data handling protocols provide a private and secure meeting experience. Specifically, we employ:

  • Strict control over screen-sharing, annotation, polls, audio/muting, and webcam-sharing
  • Unique meeting IDs and Impetus-specific meeting URLs
  • Careful sharing of meeting links through restricted calendar invites
  • Vetting of logged-in attendees vs. list of invitees
  • Meeting-specific passwords
  • Enterprise-level accounts (not consumer-level)
  • Minimal collection of personal information for participant registration and identification

Additionally, the following precautions can be taken, depending on your unique needs:

  • Pre-registration can be made mandatory for all attendees
  • Attendees can be placed in a waiting room until the meeting starts
  • Meetings can be locked once started so no new attendees can join after the meeting has begun

Learn more about the integrity of the Impetus InSite Platform® in our Security White Paper .