Impetus Digital In-person Retreat Summer 2022

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This past summer, Team Impetus came together on a two-day hybrid company retreat to Bayview Wildwood Resort in beautiful Muskoka, Ontario. Team members joined in person and virtually from across the globe to collectively ideate company strategies through multiple fun, creative workshops. In addition to sharing ideas,…
Learning Program Webinar Series & Community Board: A Customer Story

Learning Program Webinar Series & Community Board: A Customer Story

folder_openCustomer Stories
Leveraging a combination of Impetus Digital’s best-in-class synchronous (real-time) virtual tools and our new asynchronous (over-time, anytime) Community Board and Resource Center offerings, we worked closely with our client–a Medical Education team from a large pharmaceutical company based in Europe–to produce a 4-part Learning Program for dermatologists,…
Biotechnology trends of 2022

The Latest Biotech Trends of 2022

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As modern society continues to progress, so does the medical field. One of the most significant and rapidly-growing sectors of modern medicine is biotechnology. This relatively new science involves the use of technology to manipulate genes and proteins in order to treat or prevent diseases. The potential…
Gamification in healthcare - an EMG GOLD podcast

Gamification: retaining a human touch and enhancing culture

Following Natalie Yeadon‘s recent feature in EMG GOLD’s Getting into gamification article, she joins Jade Williams on the EMG GOLD Podcast to further dive into gamification in Healthcare. Among many other applications, they discuss how it can enhance remote workplaces and company culture, the steps pharma companies can…
KOL Ambassador Program & Podcast Creation

KOL Ambassador Program & Podcast Creation: A Customer Story

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Leveraging Impetus Digital’s best-in-class synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (over-time, anytime) tools, our client facilitated a virtual ambassador program with three oncologist key opinion leaders (KOLs) from South Korea. The client’s main objectives were to: Engage oncologist KOLs from across South Korea as faculty (“Ambassadors”) to attend an…