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Coming soon: InSite Event™ platform

InSite Event™ is our brand-new platform designed specifically for live events such as conferences and congresses. Featuring a multitude of tools, the InSite Event™ platform includes all aspects of real conferences and provides exceptional results.

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Best-In-Class Collaboration Technology

The Impetus InSite Platform® is a turn-key software solution that enables a “long-game” approach in connecting brands with key stakeholders, both synchronously and asynchronously. Its customizable, multilingual interface and its robust, pharma-compliant security make it the ideal choice for authentic engagement.

impetus insite platform by impetus digital

Impetus InSite Platform®

Virtual Advisory Boards, Online Advisory Boards, VABs, Working Groups

Virtual Advisory Boards

Co-Author Working Groups

Co-Author Working Groups

Market-Leading Professional Services

Impetus Digital’s seamless integration of subject matter expertise, medical and technical writing, digital services, and proprietary engagement planning processes creates a holistic interface for brands to share information, insights, and ideas, as well as to co-author materials with physicians, nurses, payers, and patients, in order to meet their specific goals and desired objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.

impetus digital - Content Development Services

Content Development Services

impetus digital - Digital Services, Video recording and editing of client presentations

Digital Services

impetus digital - Stakeholder Management Services

Stakeholder Management Services

Cutting Edge Synchronous Meeting Tools and Services

Just like with Impetus’ asynchronous meeting technologies, we pride ourselves with also providing best-in-breed synchronous tools and services. These include interactive web meetings, webcasts and training, as well as in-person meeting services. From strategic discussions to content review, development of collateral materials, meeting facilitation, logistics, reporting, and beyond, Impetus can help at every step of the way to make your meeting run as smoothly as possible.

impetus digital - Interactive Web Meetings

Interactive Web Meetings

impetus digital - Webcasts and training

Webcasts and Training

impetus digital - In-Person Meetings

In-Person Meetings

The Impetus Digital Impact

Compared to traditional in-person consultancy meetings, which necessitate travel, accommodations, logistics, and other expenses, online touchpoints via the Impetus InSite Platform® typically result in:

Increase in advisor engagement rates, guaranteeing an average of 90%
Increase in the speed to insight-gathering and project completion
Increase in the quantity and quality of insights
Decrease in costs

Our Latest Customer Success Stories

Impetus has proven success in improving outcomes for their clients’ and partners’ advisory boards, working groups, investigator meetings, online medical education/learning programs, and more. See for yourself in the customer success stories below.