How Much Communication Is Too Much?

The Impetus Solution gives you the ability to connect with your advisory board and working group members as often as you’d like. But just because you can connect with them daily, should you?

Some clients say yes. They want to keep momentum as strong as possible and they can see that their members are super keen and ready to jump into any topic you put out there.

Others say no. They know their members are super busy and feel that inundating them with content is only going to turn them off.

They’re both right.

Because there’s no rule for how communicative you should be it all depends on your members.

The key is figuring out what kind of board you have then build out your communication strategy to match it.

Two Up-front Questions to Ask Your Board or Group Members:

  • How much time do you realistically have to contribute to our advisory board?
  • Are you more likely to ask a question or respond to a question?

If your members are eager and will give as much time as you need, take them up on it. Engage them in discussion and encourage them to engage each other. If not, then space it out.

As for whether they’d rather ask or respond, this will help you craft the communication you deliver. If they’re more likely to ask, then you can rely on them to drive the conversations all they need from you is something to talk about. The responders need you to take the lead, which is really just a reframing exercise. Instead of just delivering the content, include specific questions they can answer.