Impetus Digital 101 — How It Works

Everybody wants insights from their advisors. It’s extremely valuable. It’s often actionable and when it’s really good, it leads to new ideas brand and marketing managers may not have considered previously. But no one wants to plan an advisory board or working group meeting. They’re time-consuming, they’re expensive, and because of their infrequency, companies don’t always get as much out of their advisors as they could. Impasse? No, Impetus.

Impetus Digital moves your advisory board or working group’s activities online, eliminating the need for live meetings – or at least minimizing the frequency thereof – and taking board/group communication from a “once-in-a-while” to “as-much-as-you-want.”

Here’s How Impetus Digital’s Online Solution Works:


Your Impetus Digital Account Manager will sit with you to establish your key goals, because every board or working group should have them. Some clients come to us and know exactly what they are. Some come with a blank sheet of paper and an inkling of what they might want. Either way, we can help.


The advantage of an online advisory board or working group is that the communication can be constant and consistent. But for the creators, it can be intimidating (a) coming up with a year of content and (b) managing the delivery of said content while obtaining max insights.

We take that chore away. All we need from you is a good understanding of what you want to achieve. We take it from there and plan the strategy and content for you using our Longitudinal Expert Engagement Plan™ approach, a strategic online program that engages your customers via pre-designed exchanges or “touchpoints” scheduled around key milestones throughout the year. We built it to be virtually plug-and-play, and you can change it up on the fly. Last-minute question or market change? Give us 48 hours and we can get insights from your top KOLs. If there’s a major breakthrough in the middle of your board’s activities, you can add, subtract, and modify content.


Now that you have your purpose and your content, you need members. If you have a list in mind, Impetus Digital can handle all the logistics of inviting them, registering and contracting with them, and most importantly, doing all of this with the blessing of your compliance department.

STEP 4 — PORTAL (the Impetus InSite Platform®)

Your people are in place. Now they need somewhere to go, and more importantly something to do. Enter the Impetus InSite Platform® platform. This is a customized hub of activity for your advisory board or working group. It’s where your members will log in to get the content you provide and provide the insights you seek. It’s where your members can talk to each other – and you – whenever they want, either synchronously (at the same time, like through Web chat or video call) or asynchronously (an ongoing conversation that takes place when and where the participants have the time). AND you can brand your Impetus InSite Platform® portal however you’d like, maybe with your corporate logo and colors, maybe with a new identity for your board or working group or maybe with something else altogether.


Now it’s go time, and we’ll manage it all. We’ll capture the insights your members give you and provide you with regular reports. We’ll keep an eye on the industry for you and recommend changes to the strategy as new developments happen. And most importantly, we’ll make sure your members are doing the touchpoints you’ve set out for them, and remind them if they’re behind.

While we’re doing that, you can become a participant of your advisory board or working group and get the most out of the experience.