Planning Ahead for Advisory Board Meetings: The Longitudinal Expert Engagement Plan™

Impetus’ Longitudinal Expert Engagement Plan™ (LEEP) is what makes our solution different. Part syllabus, calendar, and content generator, it lets you plan out a year’s worth of learning and arrange it any way you want based on (a) the needs of your board and (b) the nature of your board members.

Many of our clients have identified another benefit of the LEEP: it’s a fabulous tool for gearing board members up before a meeting.

Working Backwards Using Your Longitudinal Expert Engagement Plan™

Every meeting should have an agenda, but agendas are only effective if the participants are prepared. Using the LEEP effectively is a great way to get your board members prepared, because you can control the flow of information.

Let’s say your agenda for the meeting is to have a vote on whether or not the company should pursue direction A or direction B. Here’s how you could set up your LEEP to prepare your members for the vote.

Step 1 — The Basics

About eight weeks from the meeting, you can start releasing 20,000-foot material about both directions to get your members understanding each direction. This isn’t to sway opinions one way or another — it’s merely to get the conversation started. You could follow that up with short assignments for each direction to further the comprehension.

Step 2 — The Discussion

A few weeks after the initial information dump (giving all your members enough time to find the time to read through it all), you can schedule the release of opinion pieces surrounding each of the directions. Have each one advocate for its subject while actively dissuading readers from choosing the other. Add some of your own discussion questions to the Impetus InSite Platform™ for them to fill out.

The back and forth on this should go on for at least two weeks, so let it ride. The more involved your members are, the more informed they are and the more invaluable they become.

Step 3 — The Reveal

About a week before the vote, let them know there’s a vote coming up during the next web or live meeting.

Step 4 — The Event

When the big day comes, your members will have a clear understanding of the material, they’ll have considered it from different perspectives, and they’ve thought about it in the context of their own value systems. They’re ready to make an informed vote, and all because you prepared them every step of the way. That’s the added value of the Longitudinal Expert Engagement Plan™.