Going Beyond Single Consultancy Meetings

In the video below, I explain what a Longitudinal Expert Engagement Plan™ (Previously known as a “Campaign of Interactions“) is and how it transforms “one-off” live consultancy meetings into an ongoing series of touchpoints that can come in the form of live meetings, web meetings, and/or asynchronous online assignments with your advisors.

At Impetus Digital, we believe in creating “authentic” advisory boards and going beyond the single interactional meeting. By leveraging an online portal, companies can consistently and inexpensively interact with their advisors, share information, and gather relevant and timely insights throughout the year.

Through consistent, compelling, and relevant touchpoints, you can’t help but build trust and advocacy for your brand by important and influential opinion leaders.

Is this the year that you will consider moving from interactional based advisory boards to ones that are relationship- and partnership-based?