The Impetus Digital Team: What it Means to be Transparent

At Impetus Digital, we take our customers very seriously. They are the lifeblood of our company and all of our services, processes, and actions are geared towards providing the best strategic advice to our clients and the most user-friendly experience for their customers.

At Impetus Digital, our core values define our culture

In the video below, our team shares some of their favorite “living core values” that Impetus practices day in and day out. Unlike fancy mission statements that get framed and hung up on a wall somewhere in a back room, Impetus believes that core values should be something that is intrinsic to the daily activities, conversations, and meetings at a company. This is how companies stay true to their “why” and purpose. After all, people come to work not just to complete a bunch of tasks on a “to-do” list, but more aptly to contribute to a meaningful purpose or movement.

At Impetus Digital, we believe in “authentic partnerships” and transparency. We catalyze these types of relationships between our clients and their customers using our managed online solution for advisory boards and steering committees. Instead of “ivory towering” ideas with only a group of internal team members, we help our clients show a bit of their “Achilles heel” and then to genuinely seek advice from their customers on key challenges and opportunities. Our vision is to change the paradigm of how pharmaceutical companies engage with stakeholders to solve more impactful and complex issues “beyond the pill” in order to positively disrupt the healthcare landscape.