High Impact Hematology Advisory Board Customer Success Story

You can make it happen as well with the Impetus InSite Platform®

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About Impetus Digital

At Impetus Digital, we help pharmaceutical companies manage their advisory boards and steering committees through our Impetus InSite Platform®. We increase the speed and quality of collaboration and outputs through asynchronous online assignments such as discussion forums and annotation exercises. We manage all the content development, project management, documentation and reports freeing up your team’s time to focus on their key priorities.

The results of engaging via the Impetus InSite Platform® are:

  • 40% increase in speed to insight gathering and project completions
  • 50% increase in quantity and quality of insights
  • 75% decrease in costs versus in-person consultancy meetings
  • 90% customer engagement rates, a 30% increase versus in-person consultancy meetings

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