Medical Cannabis Advisory Board

An Impetus Digital Case Study

In this medical cannabis advisory board case study, we summarize the design, results, outcomes, and benefits of conducting a series of online touchpoints for creating educational materials with key opinion leaders.

In the first of two planned touchpoints, the client used interactive group discussion tools to gather important insights from senior medical cannabis dispensary representatives on their practice. Moreover, the best ways to educate other practitioners on medical cannabis were also explored. Based on the insights collected, in the second touchpoint, the advisors subsequently co-authored a medical-approved educational slide deck on the prescription and clinical implications of medical cannabis using the platform’s asynchronous annotation and selection tools.

In addition, as a third touchpoint, our client leveraged the Impetus InSite Platform®’s Rapid Response tool to get prompt feedback on a potential product acquisition opportunity.

By using Impetus’ online platform, the client was able to not only achieve their goal of devising a strategy for educating physicians, pharmacists, and other practitioners on medical cannabis, but was also able to successfully negotiate a product acquisition based on the advisors’ feedback.



Impetus Digital helps clients share and co-create with their key stakeholders using best-in-class collaboration, project management, and reporting tools. The Impetus InSite Platform® is ideal for creating engaging conversations on a variety of topics, including the best strategies for ensuring buy-in and educating practitioners on the prescription of medical cannabis.