Crohn’s Disease Patient Advisory Board: A Customer Success Story

As outlined in our recent blog post, more and more life science companies are starting to include patients in their decision-making. For a company to become truly “patient-centric,” patient advisory boards are essential and should be made routine practice. In this Crohn’s disease customer success story, we summarize the design, results, outcomes, and benefits of conducting an ongoing online advisory board with patient representatives.

Throughout 2018, our client conducted a total of five online touchpoints in addition to an in-person meeting facilitated by Impetus. By engaging the advisors regularly over the year, the client was able to establish strong relationships and gain important insights into what matters most to patients, what research efforts should be prioritized, and the best ways to include patients throughout the product life cycle.

In addition, using the Impetus InSite Platform®’s asynchronous annotation tool, the patient advisors were able to directly annotate the draft protocol for an upcoming phase III clinical trial, ensuring active patient involvement at each step of the way.

Impetus Digital helps clients share and co-create with their key stakeholders, including patients, using best-in-class collaboration, project management, and reporting tools. The Impetus InSite Platform® is ideal for creating engaging conversations on a variety of topics, including how to ensure patient centricity, as well as for co-developing clinical trial protocols and other documents.