Clinical Trial Collaboration: An Oncology Customer Success Story

In addition to online advisory boards and medical education, were you aware that the safe and secure Impetus InSite Platform® has many other uses, including multicenter clinical trial communication and collaboration?

In this Oncology Phase III Clinical Trial customer success story, we summarize the results and benefits of using our Pharma-compliant platform for ongoing communication and collaboration between investigator teams at different study sites.

This project was initiated in 2016 and is ongoing. To date, our client – a large pharmaceutical company based in western Europe – has successfully used a combination of pre-planned virtual touchpoints and ongoing online discussions to finalize the clinical trial protocol with the principal investigators from all 18 study sites, improve the overall efficacy of communication, improve the trial performance and reduce associated costs, and discuss the interim results. So far, moving all investigator meetings online has saved our client substantial costs, and the initiative has been well-received by all participants.

Impetus Digital helps clients share, co-create, and collaborate with their key stakeholders, including investigators, clinicians, nurses, patients, and payers, using best-in-class collaboration, project management, and reporting tools. The Impetus InSite Platform® is ideal for enabling efficient and ongoing communication and collaboration between geographically dispersed research teams or working group members.

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