Patient Journey Mapping Virtual Working Group Customer Success Story

In this Patient Journey Mapping Virtual Working Group customer success story, we summarize the results, outcomes, and benefits of using the Impetus InSite Platform® and Impetus’ content creation services for patient journey mapping—an interesting alternative use case of online advisory boards.

In summary, our client engaged 8 oncology nurse navigators from across Canada to get their perspectives on the metastatic melanoma patient journey, from the time of initial diagnosis to survivorship care, and everything in between. Questions aimed to glean insights into the nurse navigators’ and metastatic melanoma patients’ unmet needs at all stages of the patient journey were also asked, and key barriers to optimal care were identified and included in the map as appropriate.

To learn more, download the full customer success story below.

Impetus Digital helps clients create sustained and authentic relationships with their key stakeholders, including physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, researchers, payers, and patients, using best-in-class collaboration, project management, and reporting tools. The Impetus InSite Platform® is ideal for creating engaging and courageous conversations on numerous topics, including the patient journey and barriers to optimal care. In addition, the platform is ideal for co-creating a variety of documents such as patient journey maps and other clinical guidelines or tools.

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