Treatment Pathway Profiling on the Impetus InSite Platform®

Following up on our patient journey mapping customer success story, we also wanted to share how our client from Germany leveraged Impetus’ virtual collaboration tools for breast cancer treatment pathway profiling.

In this customer success story, we summarize the results, outcomes, and benefits of using the Impetus InSite Platform® and Impetus’ content creation services for patient pathway profiling. Our client’s main objectives were to establish an ongoing virtual working group and create a series of treatment sequence maps for patients with breast cancer, taking into account factors such as patient age and performance status; breast cancer subtype, stage, and mutation status; and national/regional reimbursement and regulatory limitations. 

In more detail, the objectives of the engagement plan were to:

  • Assess the place of their product in the current treatment algorithm for female patients with breast cancer, taking into account several demographic, clinical, genetic, and regulatory factors.
  • Co-create a series of treatment sequencing maps for different breast cancer patient populations.
  • Determine the likely changes that will occur to the treatment sequence algorithm in the near future and the drivers of these changes.

Read all about Impetus Digital’s approach for Treatment Pathway Profiling and the results of this client’s Longitudinal Expert Engagement Plan™ (LEEP™) in the case study download below.

Impetus Digital helps clients create sustained and authentic relationships with their key stakeholders, including physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, researchers, payers, and patients, using best-in-class collaboration, project management, and reporting tools. The Impetus InSite Platform® is ideal for creating engaging and courageous conversations on numerous topics, including the participants’ treatment approaches and the factors that influence the treatment choice for specific patients. Our platform is also ideal for co-creating treatment sequence maps and a multitude of other medical, promotional, and educational materials with your key stakeholders.

Treatment Pathway Profiling and More

The Impetus InSite Platform® is ideal for creating engaging and courageous conversations on a variety of topics, including marketing strategies, data gaps and methods of data dissemination, and the competitive landscape.

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