Webinar Recording

Complexity Thinking: Leveraging the brilliance of the people who surround us

Natalie Yeadon, Co-founder & CEO, Impetus Digital

Natalie Yeadon

Co-Owner and Managing Director

In this webinar, Natalie Yeadon, Co-Owner and Managing Director at Impetus Digital, discusses the concept of complexity thinking and how this can be leveraged to improve team dynamics and encourage innovation in healthcare.

Among many other things, you will learn about:

  • Differences between complicated vs. complex issues
  • How to build a problem-solving team and create the right tone for positive group dynamics
  • Frameworks, tools, and principles that will help spur innovation and promote creativity
  • The pros and cons of digital vs. in-person interactions when dealing with complex groups of stakeholders
  • Best practices for seamless execution of ideas

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About Impetus Digital

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