Obstetrics Virtual Journal Club on the Impetus InSite Platform®

Did you know that there are multiple innovative ways to leverage the Impetus InSite Platform® in addition to online advisory boards? In this customer success story, we summarize how our client used Impetus’ best-in-class asynchronous tools to run two parallel virtual journal clubs with obstetricians and midwives from across Canada.

Our client’s main objectives were to:

  1. Generate insightful discussions related to recent data, publications, and conference presentations in the field of obstetrics.
  2. Determine the research areas in most urgent need of future studies.
  3. Assess the value of virtual journal clubs as an educational tool for healthcare providers.
  4. Create authentic relationships with their key opinion leaders.

To learn more about the methodology used and the results of this client’s Longitudinal Expert Engagement Plan™ (LEEP™), download the full customer success story below. 

Impetus Digital helps clients create sustained and authentic relationships with key opinion leaders using best-in-class collaboration, project management, and reporting tools. The Impetus InSite Platform® is ideal for creating engaging and courageous conversations on a variety of topics, and can be used for everything from online advisory boards and co-author working groups to medical education and virtual journal clubs (and much more!).

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