Courageous Conversations



Impetus Digital aims to facilitate courageous conversations between its clients and their customers. We don’t shy away from controversial discussions, and we encourage our clients to do the same.

In my new discussion series available on YouTube and BuzzsproutCourageous Conversations – I discuss a range of controversial topics. Specifically, I focus on several disruptive and innovative technologies in healthcare.

In episode 1,  I explore why our healthcare system is in dire need of disruption:

In episode 2, I discuss what our healthcare system can learn from AlphaGo:

Episode 3 focuses on facial recognition technology and its impact on healthcare:

The fourth episode delves into the Internet of Medical Things and its potential benefits:

In episode 5, from March 2020, I give my perspective on the increasing virtualization of in-person meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic:

In the sixth courageous conversation, I delve into another exciting technology, namely empathic robots. Especially, how these can be leveraged during times of unrest:

Finally, in the seventh and latest episode, I explore how to quickly pivot clinical studies to virtual platforms:

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