Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Pharma and Medical Affairs

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In this episode of Impetus Digital‘s Fireside Chat, I sat down with Emma Lynch, Founder of EQ Vibration & Quadrant 2 Medical. We explored a number of interesting topics related to Medical Affairs. Among many other things, we discussed the importance of emotional intelligence, patient-centric solutions, and adopting a growth mindset.

Here is a sneak peek of our conversation:

Q: Let’s talk about emotional intelligence. Tell us a little bit about what that means and how people can learn more about emotional intelligence?

A: I came to emotional intelligence because I suppose I felt I wasn’t as effective as I could be. I have a lot of knowledge and IQ that kind of built up over the years in a certain niche area and I wanted to become more effective. I was finding that I ended up picking up a lot of administrative tasks and not really executing on what I wanted to really deliver for patients and healthcare professionals.

I began to tap into “me,” and realized that that kind of heaviness that I was beginning to feel was actually trying to teach me something. I began to learn that my emotions were the language that I needed to listen to. The more I listened to them, I realized the heavier emotions, whether I was tired or drained, that was my body’s way of letting me go “You’re pulling away from your passion and you’re going down the wrong road.” The more I saw that as resistance and realized, “Okay, what is my body trying to teach me?” I began to reorient myself as “what I’m passionate about?” and become more and more aligned with myself. I began to realize I was abundant with energy! I had so much excitement and it really helped me align with what the healthcare professional wants and what the patient needed, and with what really excited me.

It comes back to the core of, do you know how to engage with your own emotions? I have gone down the college/academic road. My mind was sharpened for clarity on concepts and how to apply concepts, data, and statistics. My mind was sharp in thinking, but I realized I was massively living in my head and applying concepts but not really connecting my mind-body experience. Once I began to make that connection between the two and began to really tap into the heaviness or the lower vibrational energies of my emotions, I began to realize that they are trying to teach me something. What are those unmet needs that I have? Once I began to tap into that, my energy started to flow…

For more of our discussion, you can watch the whole Fireside Chat with Emma Lynch, or listen to the podcast version, below.

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