Impetus Digital’s Upcoming MAPS Webinar: COVID-19 has Changed Live Events Forever

We invite you to join Impetus Digital and the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) on February 19, 10 am EST, for a thought-provoking webinar around the future of virtual events. 

COVID-19 has made us rethink the way we interact with and provide education to healthcare stakeholders, and multiple surveys have shown that virtual events will remain in a large capacity after the pandemic. In this webinar, we will explore best practices, benefits of, and barriers to virtualizing events in the life science industry. 

Among other things, you will learn about the components of impactful virtual events, what aspects organizers and attendees value the most and why, how to track the success of the event in real-time, and the importance of engaging participants before, during, and after the event. Featuring expert industry speakers, viewers will gain a newfound understanding of the why, what, and how behind virtual events and meetings and how to leverage virtual tools to remain competitive in your field.

You will come away from the webinar with a clear understanding of:

  1. Best practices for virtualizing large events with healthcare stakeholders, including the importance of engaging participants before and after the event
  2. Key components of virtual events and how to track the success of the event
  3. Benefits of virtual events for the life sciences industry, attendees, sponsors, and the environment
  4. Current gaps and barriers to virtual events in the life science sector and what needs to happen for these to become mainstay once in-person gatherings are allowed again

The webinar is available for free to all current MAPS members while non-members can access it for $49 two days after the event, or sign up to become a MAPS member here.