Healthcare Goes Digital recognized as a top-20 stakeholder management podcast by Welp Magazine

Recently, Impetus Digital’s podcast “Healthcare Goes Digital” was recognized as one of the Top-20 Stakeholder Management Podcasts in 2021 by Welp Magazine. Have you had a chance to listen to one of these exciting conversations yet?

The idea behind this podcast series is to start the conversation around big or controversial ideas, and to discuss the opportunities and issues that the healthcare industry is facing, along with how technology can help.

We are covering topics on everything from AI & Machine Learning to virtual reality, tissue 3D bioprinting, clinical trials in silica, quantum computing in product development, blockchain-powered patient management portals, nanotechnologies, and digital therapeutics. We are also covering topics on leadership in the new Pharma paradigm post-COVID-19 and what it will mean to function in the new virtual world we find ourselves in. We are exploring how Pharma business models will need to change and what new partnerships will need to develop as a result of this pandemic, including the expanding role of patients throughout the drug lifecycle.

At Impetus, we believe all new, great ideas start with a conversation. Our online collaboration platform is the perfect place for not just starting these conversations, but also for continuously building on the ideas and insights generated over time and creating authentic relationships with the participants in the process. Having these big, courageous conversations is how we can start to implement change and positively disrupt healthcare.

About Impetus Digital

Impetus Digital helps life science organizations virtualize their in-person meetings and events through our best-in-class InSite Touchpoints™ and InSite Events™ offerings, delivered with white-glove service and 360° coverage and care. Leveraging our large portfolio of cutting-edge online collaboration tools, clients can seamlessly gather insights from, and collaborate with, internal and external stakeholders. To find out more about Impetus Digital, visit our website, follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter, or book a demo at