Leaders in Pharma: Fran Milnes

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In this episode of Impetus Digital‘s Leaders in Pharma podcast, Jess Masciangelo sat down with Fran Milnes, Head of Marketing and Commercial Excellence in Oncology at Novartis. In her current role at Novartis, Fran oversees the commercialization of a broad Oncology portfolio across Australia, China, Turkey, Asia Pacific, and Middle East/Africa. Most recently, this involved a rapid and large-scale change management program driving the use of remote engagement as COVID-19 altered the customer engagement model. Fran has a passion for pricing and market access having spent 15 years in this field, where she helped ensure a clear value proposition to payers with strong clinical evidence and helped drive early and broad access for patients. Earlier in her career, she spent 10 years as a Management Consultant for IQVIA working with a broad range of multinational clients from Amgen through to Wyeth.

Watch the whole episode with Fran Milnes, or listen to the podcast version, below for her insights into what it means to be a leader in Pharma.

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