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In 2020 the shift towards a new healthcare strategy was seen in the rise of HealthTech services. The sector has been fast-growing since 2015. However, we explored how the pandemic sparked a telehealth revival with an increase in the adoption of digital health tools. Looking to post-lockdown life, one can say that HealthTech solutions are here to stay with patients growing accustomed to remote healthcare solutions, including patient monitoring and wearable devices. Another key takeaway from the pandemic is the need to consider patient-centric healthcare models.

With all the changes in the healthcare and digital health sectors, the need for community for those looking to solve challenges within the industry is vital. Usually, connections are formed in specific cities through in-person events but these gatherings quickly shifted to virtual options last year. This virtual shift has been incredibly beneficial to the community through the ability to quickly connect globally. Out of this global online connection the HealthTech Networking Club was born. The club is a space for investors, startups, accelerators, consultants, and other key leaders from the United States and Europe to meet, form valuable relationships, and become partners.

Online HealthTech events

In March 2020, bene : studio launched the digital health online workshop series featuring speakers from Omada Health, Topco Associates, First Stop Health, Arterys, and Ferrum Health. 

The hour-long workshops evolved into the rapid conference series with three sessions, including a half an hour networking session, a one-hour panel discussion, and an hour slot for startups to pitch to investors. The RapidConf series ran from July 2020 to May 2021 and highlighted topics including telebehavioral health, user experience, the internet of medical things, IP protection, Pharma, and artificial intelligence.

Building a Community 

The events brought together experts, including startup founders, investors, healthcare providers, consultants, lawyers, and associations. What made the events stand out was the coming together of industry leaders from both the US and Western Europe to connect, discuss critical issues, and pitch their startups focused on tackling critical issues in healthcare.

Through these events, the HealthTech Networking Club was formed. Since its inception in September 2020, the invite-only club for HealthTech innovators now boasts over 220 members. Club members include German Accelerator, Johnson & Johnson, The Journal of mHealth, Paulson Investment Company, Nixon Gwilt Law, Walk With Path, and Ready, Set, Food!.

Networking occurs on the Club’s Slack space, where members can connect all month long. The monthly live networking event generally takes place on the last Thursday of the month, except for major holidays.

The private event lasts for 1 hour and consists of three sessions. The first session asks all attendees to introduce themselves and state what they are looking for, either connections or assistance. The second allows the attendees to respond to any connection or assistance requests. The final session is one-on-one networking through breakout rooms. Members have found it great to connect on a more personal level through the event. 

We invite anyone who is a HealthTech industry leader to apply to the exclusive club. Make great connections and find your next partnership today! Apply here:

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