The Future of eHealth: Contactless Health Monitoring

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Laurence Pearce, CEO & Founder of Xim Ltd, creators of Lifelight®, sat down with me to explore the need for personal health monitoring; traditional issues associated with population health screening; AI, machine learning, and computer vision in healthcare and medicine, and many other interesting topics.

Here is a sneak peek of our conversation:

Q: Tell us a little bit about the mission and vision of Lifelight. You have set the stage for the problem statement – the things that you’re trying to solve. Tell us how you retrofitted all of these pieces together to come up with Lifelight. What does the name mean and what is this exactly?

A: That’s a great question! The pieces came together in terms of this science called remote PPG, which is the same trackers you find in a finger clip oximeter but it’s using reflected light. You’re using a camera, looking at somebody’s face, and picking up tiny changes in skin color which map it into their blood volume pulse. We actually see a pulse signal from somebody’s face from skin color change, so this is all about light beams. It’s all about tracking somebody’s health and preserving life.

We had one of those aha moments when we were doing the branded elements. We thought, “Yeah Lifelight – it’s a positive thing.” It’s all about light in terms of the science behind this. The logo, the branding, and the heart – they all represent this preservation of life. We’re looking for a light contactless way of helping people to manage their health and to preserve life. That’s the essence of the brand and the idea.

For more of our discussion, you can watch the whole Fireside Chat with Laurence Pearce, or listen to the podcast version, below.

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