Unlocking the Potential of Electronic Medical Records Using Artificial Intelligence

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Dr. Javier Mendoza, Gastroenterologist and Digital Health Expert, sat down with me in this Fireside Chat to explore digital health in medicine and clinical research, natural language processing, the ethics surrounding AI, and his experience as a medical doctor making the shift to digital health.

Here is a sneak peek of our conversation:

Q: What would you say to the average physician or institution that’s thinking about incorporating this (technology) and trying to reduce the confusion? Secondly, the perceived work, aggravation of changing their automaticity, the way they do their regular workflow, and how their regular workday becomes very automatic; what are some of the steps that you would suggest somebody follows to start thinking differently in a digital way?

A: I think we have two words here: trust and explain. We have to trust, and they have to trust, that all technology can help them but we have to explain it too. I’m not an expert on artificial intelligence but I have work and study experience. We have to say that artificial intelligence is not a black box. You have an input, algorithms that do their job, and we have an outcome. It’s more important than ever to explain artificial intelligence and digital health and say you can trust this because they are going to help.

How can we explain to a medical doctor who is maybe in a village with no big city around that they can have a connection with a specialist? Those are interesting concepts that we’re now talking about like the liquid hospital. When the hospital opens, they can talk with a specialist like me and say, “Hey, I have this problem with technology, with two to three minutes of consultation by telemedicine,” we can help them to have good terms with the patient.

For more of our discussion, you can watch the whole Fireside Chat with Dr. Javier Mendoza, or listen to the podcast version, below.

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