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Dr. Gil Blander, Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer at InsideTracker, sat down with me for an in-depth discussion around consumer-driven healthcare, the use of big data and AI for creating personalized health protocols, the trillion-dollar “longevity economy,” and how approaches like blood biometric-based aging and longevity analysis play into the longevity market.

Here is a sneak peek of our conversation:

Q: There’s a lot of new biohacking, biometric type of tools, especially since COVID-19. We’ve been seeing a lot of things around decentralized clinical trials and that has resulted in sort of at-home wearables and other sorts of things so that patients could do things like patient-reported outcomes. Now, these tools are now becoming increasingly available to everybody, and same with telemedicine, and all these other things. So, when we think about these kinds of one-shot blood tests, is there some discussion happening with you about an ongoing blood test or the use of things like 24-hour glucose monitors? If so, how and when will these sorts of entry data points also be seamless with your system?

A: It’s a great question and actually we established a few months ago, an InsideTracker lab that is looking at all the new technologies and one of them is a CGM, which is the Continuous Glucose Monitoring. We are looking into that and they are trying to see when it will be ready for the normal user that is not diabetic to give them a real insight. Because today, as you said, there are a lot of companies that are doing that and using those CGMs. But they don’t have enough data to come and say what is the right range of a level of continuous glucose that I should have as someone who is not diabetic. There’s no database like that. There is no literature about that.

We are trying to be a bit more conservative and try to build that before we come to someone say, “Hey, your continuous glucose is too high or too low,” because really there is no data about that. What the biohackers are doing, let’s say the early new companies, they’ll give you the information, but I wouldn’t trust the recommendation that they have because it’s not backed by peer-reviewed publications yet.

For more of our discussion, you can watch the whole Fireside Chat with Dr. Gil Blander, or listen to the podcast version, below.

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