Virtualizing Healthcare with Human-Centric Technology

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Dr. Patrick Carroll, Chief Medical Officer at Vida Health, sat down with me to discuss the importance of using a “whole health” approach to chronic disease management, how and why the human connection with a provider creates better outcomes than strictly AI approaches, value-based care models for virtual health, and much, much more.

Here is a sneak peek of our conversation:

Q: We live in a really interesting place in the world, almost everybody, in most countries at least, has a mobile phone, many people have many different apps on their phone. We’re basically inundated with data, information, and everybody vying for our attention. On the healthcare consumer side as well as the other folks that you’d mentioned, payers and employers, how do you manage to have them filter through the noise, in terms of the number of different kinds of apps and monitors? How are you filtering through this noise to make you stand out from the crowd and being the integral platform, if you will, for all things health?

A: That’s a great question and our solution is one app. You don’t have four different apps you have to go to. My three millennials call me “tech challenged” and I am. If I had multiple chronic conditions, I wouldn’t want to go to four different apps. I’d want one integrated app, one integrated experience, and then draw in all of these providers through that one app, through that one platform. That’s how you get rid of the noise and the distraction, you have one source of truth, one app of truth to manage your cardiometabolic as well as mental health conditions.

That really uniquely positions us in the market, quite honestly. It’s appreciated increasingly by our customers, both the individual customer and also the payers and the employers. They are looking for a holistic solution and we provide that through our app and through the integration of both the mental and physical health conditions.

For more of our discussion, you can watch the whole Fireside Chat with Dr. Patrick Carroll, or listen to the podcast version, below.

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