Three wellness trends to look out for in the future

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Exercise has always been an important part of the human experience, both for keeping physically fit and for the mental health benefits. Modern living allows many of us the luxury of choosing when to exercise, which has resulted in a wider range of choices when it comes to picking what activity you do. From running to boxing, there’s a plethora of choices for every level.

In recent years, this has expanded even further. The term ‘wellness’ is often used to cover a wider range of activities that benefit us mentally as well as physically, meaning that exercise is now part of a larger picture. There are now eight different recognised types of wellness, all branching from the main categories of physical, mental and emotional health.

But what comes next? What does the future of wellness look like? Here are three things to keep in mind.

AI and voice technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) and voice recognition technology is fast becoming a part of our everyday lives. From smart speakers to voice assistants on our smartphones, this tech has revolutionised how we work and play. Even young children are often familiar with how a Google Assistant or Alexa works, which means that this is likely to remain a useful and popular tool for years to come.

In wellness, we’re likely to see it used as part of creating a more personalised experience. For many people, incorporating wellness into their routine is a key part of health, but they often need a nudge to remind them to get going. AI and voice technology could be used to provide a motivational workout companion, or as a guide for meditation.

A move away from traditional gyms

The COVID-19 pandemic meant that many gym fanatics had to switch up their exercise regimes and go digital instead. Whilst some people do have home gyms, the majority of users had to switch to online bodyweight classes instead. Yoga also became more popular, as people sought to beat the stress that comes with being inside.

Moving out of the pandemic years, it’s likely that the future will be hybrid. There’s nothing like the buzz of a live class, but being able to access a quick bite-sized online session will help people feel like they’re better able to fit exercise and meditation into their daily lives.

There may also be a rise in sport participation as a whole, rather than just going to the gym. The shake up in our daily routines in the last few years means that many adults are looking to find new experiences. Instead of doing reps in the gym, sports like bouldering, dance fit classes and boxing may rise in popularity.

The role of social media

More than half of the world uses social media, with 424 million new users in the last 12 months. This opportunity for user-led content means that there are now many people sharing their own take on spirituality and wellness, moving away from traditional belief systems.

Following wellness and spirituality influencers has become a popular choice for people who want someone to look up to. These influencers share their own workout and meditation habits, as well as food and lifestyle choices. Their routine of posting daily mantras or videos mean that it’s easier than ever to feel included in the wellness community space without even leaving your house. This sense of belonging can mean that individuals feel that they’re getting more authentic, approachable advice that they can pick and choose from, and apply to their own lives as they see fit.

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