Impetus Digital: now working from carbon-neutral offices

Impetus Team


At Impetus, we’re serious about our commitment to the planet. We have been planting trees across Canada and actively working towards reducing our emissions and reaching carbon neutrality since 2021. As a relatively small company, with no dedicated Sustainability Officer, we are taking a phased approach to becoming carbon-neutral by 2030.

We’re excited to share that Phase 1 has officially been implemented! As of this month, we have calculated, reduced, and offset all of our home office-related emissions since January 2023! As a result, we’ve received a well-earned Climate Leader badge from Aclymate.

Impetus Digital's Climate Leader Plus badge from Aclymate

We currently support seven diverse offset programs across North and South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia, focusing on reforestation, avoiding deforestation, protecting biodiversity, and investing in local communities and renewable or clean energy sources. Of course, we acknowledge that offsetting emissions is an imperfect solution and continue working on reducing our footprint in parallel.

Phase 2 of our carbon-neutrality journey is scheduled for early 2025, putting us well ahead of our 2030 goal.

Did you know that HCP advisors consider the minimal environmental impact to be one of the top-3 benefits of virtual meetings? Learn more about our commitment to sustainable meetings and events for life science companies by booking a demo.

About Impetus Digital

Impetus Digital partners with life science organizations to virtualize their in-person meetings and events through our best-in-class InSite Touchpoints™ and InSite Events™ offerings, delivered with white-glove service and 360° coverage and care. Leveraging our large portfolio of cutting-edge online collaboration tools, clients can seamlessly gather insights from, and collaborate with, internal and external stakeholders. To find out more about Impetus Digital, visit our website, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, or book a demo at