Impetus InSite Platform®

Our comprehensive platform, the Impetus InSite Platform®, comprises a variety of best-in-class asynchronous collaboration tools that allow participants to easily and effectively communicate and collaborate, at the place and time that suit them best, without the need to travel or take time off work. The Impetus InSite Platform® is ideal for internal and external advisory boards, co-author working groups, steering committees, continuing medical education, other learning activities, mentor and train-the-trainer programs, patient journey mapping, treatment pathway profiling, publication planning, virtual journal clubs, conference debriefers, patient story groups, and more!

Features, Benefits, and How Our Clients Use This…

Detailed information on the tools and services below is available on the Impetus InSite Platform® product page.

  • InSite Exchange™ discussion forums
  • InSite Surveyor™ web form questionnaires
  • InSite Annotator™ collaborative document annotation tool
  • InSite Selector™ drag-and-drop slide and idea selection/ranking tool
  • InSite Rater™ interactive bullseye tool
  • InSite Mapping™ customizable drag-and-drop tool
  • InSite Sailing™ interactive “sails and anchors” SWOT analysis tool
  • Online debates
  • Case study reviews, including our unique “build-a-case” approach
  • “Six Thinking Hats” brainstorming approach
  • Custom-branding
  • Granular access controls and comprehensive user management
  • Robust security technology and protocols, including GDPR compliance
  • Expert technical support

Our tools are ubiquitous. How they are used, with whom they are used, and what outputs are generated are what creates the individual use cases. Our tools can be applied in a myriad of creative ways with a multitude of team members, both internal and external, to solve a plethora of challenges and objectives.

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