InSite Surveyor™

The Impetus InSite Platform® offers a variety of web form surveys. InSite Surveyor™ allows collection of anonymous responses to reduce bias or when sensitive information is involved. This tool is also useful for gathering quick feedback on the relative importance of a set of features, for environmental scans, for treatment landscape evaluations, for the creation of treatment sequencing and patient journey maps, and for anonymous data collection before an in-person advisory board, during which the results can be shared and discussed live.

Features, Benefits, and How Our Clients Use This…

  • Advisory boards, working groups, and steering committees
  • Multiple-choice, yes/no, and short-answer questions
  • Ranking questions
  • Rating questions
  • Likert scales
  • Answers are not visible to other advisors
  • Allows easy analysis and comparison between individual advisors or advisor groups
  • Option to show real-time questionnaire report and ask follow-up questions
  • Collection of sensitive, anonymous information
  • Treatment sequence mapping
  • Patient journey mapping

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