Pre-meeting Preparation

Impetus will work with you to ensure that all stakeholders are prepared for the meeting. To optimize the advisor interactivity and engagement during the in-person meeting, it is recommended to conduct a pre-meeting online touchpoint. This is a unique offering from Impetus and has multiple benefits, including ​preparation of the advisors​ for the in-person meeting by allowing them to get familiar with the didactic materials they will be presented, thereby allowing them to get more involved in the discussion component. Adding a ​pre-meeting touchpoint ​is also invaluable for getting the advisors’​ feedback ​on the most pressing topics to focus on. Changes to the slides, agenda, and workshops can be implemented in order to respond to the sentiments provided during this pre-meeting touchpoint. Additionally, the summary report from this touchpoint can also be captured in the meeting slides and referred to directly throughout the meeting.

Features, Benefits, and How Our Clients Use This…

  • Pre-read material uploads in the online portal for meeting attendee preparation
  • Pre-meeting online touchpoint to prepare advisors and get feedback on meeting preferences (recommended)

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