“Six Thinking Hats”

Is there a question or issue that you need to review in depth with your advisors? Get them to put on their (virtual) thinking hats and truly get to the bottom of it. Based on the method developed by Edward de Bono and the premise that the human brain thinks in a number of distinct ways that can be deliberately challenged, this tool represents a fun, engaging, and effective approach for exploring topics in detail and from every possible angle. The advisors can be asked to wear all six hats sequentially or be divided into smaller groups and assigned one or two hats each.

Features, Benefits, and How Our Clients Use This…

  • Advisory boards, working groups, and steering committees
  • Ideal for in-depth exploration and problem-solving
  • Each thinking hat addresses a different aspect:
    1. What is already known about the problem?
    2. What is contributing to the problem?
    3. What are some creative solutions to the problem?
    4. How can the solutions be implemented?
    5. What are the potential outcomes of implementing the solutions?
    6. What are some potential watch-outs and red flags?

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