Strategy, Agenda, and Meeting Planning

At Impetus, we strive to be your partner in every way. During the planning stages, your Impetus Account Manager will spend time asking you a series of questions to better understand your strategy and objectives for the in-person meeting, as well as the key questions you are hoping to get answers to. They will incorporate their knowledge of adult learning principles and energy momentum to come up with the most energizing and robust agenda to move your brand objectives forward. Further, your Account Manager will also discuss timelines, workback schedules, and items required from you to plan and manage logistics. Depending on your needs, after this kick-off meeting, Impetus will then proceed to develop a proposed agenda and start to work on the meeting logistics as appropriate.

Features, Benefits, and How Our Clients Use This…

  • Program development, design, and coordination
  • Agenda and workshop development
  • Slide deck collation and revisions
  • Development and production of meeting materials and signage
  • Faculty check-ins via web meeting to review slides and presentations
  • Coordination of logistics with client and vendors prior to meeting
  • Creation and launch of HTML email meeting invitations
  • Creation and launch of “Save the Date” notices
  • Project management, including email reminders to the attendees with meeting details such as meeting logistics (i.e. hotel/travel/parking details, etc.) and agenda

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