Web Meeting Strategy, Hosting, and Project Management

Sometimes, there is a need to get your advisors together for a real-time online meeting. Usually, this occurs after advisors have completed an online asynchronous assignment and the company lead would like to discuss the results in more detail. Other times, it is used to reach consensus on a controversial issue or finalize details on a long-standing project. As your strategic partner, Impetus will recommend when it makes sense to schedule a web meeting and then assist in hosting and facilitating the meeting as required.

Features, Benefits, and How Our Clients Use This…

  • Program development, design, and coordination
  • Agenda and workshop development
  • Slide deck collation and revisions
  • Development and production of meeting materials
  • Faculty check-ins via web meeting to review slides and presentations
  • Coordination of logistics with client prior to meeting
  • Creation and launch of HTML email meeting invitations
  • Creation and launch of “Save the Date” notices
  • Project management, including email reminders to the attendees with meeting details and agenda
  • Easy to connect:
    • Super user-friendly web meeting technology
    • Works on any device
    • No app or download is required
  • Support is available to participants and clients as required throughout the entire process
  • Private access controls, attendee vetting, and SSL-encrypted connection

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