Synchronous Web Meetings

Synchronous web meetings allow real-time interactions between participants and speakers, with the option to share and collaborate on whiteboards, documents, or slides. Interactive web meetings and webcasts can be scheduled and accessed via the proprietary Impetus InSite Platform®. By centralizing all synchronous and asynchronous online activities planned in your Longitudinal Expert Engagement Plan™ in the same private, password-protected company portal, pre/post-event engagement activities can be seamlessly incorporated. Perfect for a wide variety of internal and external meetings and events.

Features, Benefits, and How Our Clients Use This…

  • Advisory boards, working groups, and steering committees
  • Medical education and other learning activities
  • POA brand rollouts and other internal meetings
  • Sales and MSL field rep training
  • Single or multi-day events
  • Fishbowl events
  • Live meeting assistance and technical support
  • Strategy, hosting, and project management
  • Meeting registration, calendar features, pre-meeting teaser activities, pre-submission of questions to speakers, and review of documents
  • Webinar recording and transcription services
  • Real-time multi-language interpretation by expert interpreters
  • Gamified learning competitions with points systems and badges
  • Post-event surveys and access to recorded sessions
  • Breakout sessions
  • Live polls and voting
  • Live annotation, screen- and file-sharing
  • Live chats, Q&A, “raise your hand” features, and discussion forums
  • Ranking and rating exercises
  • Quizzes and other contests
  • Drop-and-drag games and mapping exercises
  • Use of avatars and virtual reality tools

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