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Gain Better Customer “InSite”

Download our free, comprehensive virtual advisory board guide for creating authentic customer advisory boards

Impetus Digital is pleased to share a one-of-a-kind virtual advisory board guide, catered to those in the pharma medical, marketing, regulatory, and market access spaces. In downloading this free eBook, you can expect to:

  • Learn how to transform your logistically complex, one-off consultancy meetings into convenient and continuous online touchpoints
  • Learn how to masterfully isolate your brand’s key issues
  • Learn how to recruit the best customers and resources for your engagement
  • Learn what the 3 types of KOL engagement modalities are, and when it’s best to use each of them
  • Learn about the psychology behind synchronous and asynchronous touchpoints
  • Learn how to elicit a higher quantity and quality of insights from your advisors
  • Learn about the methods Impetus uses to optimize asynchronous online activities, web meetings, and in-person consultancy meetings
Senior Medical Director
I'm really enjoying reading through this so far. Keeping notes for our next ad board in a few months -- will be sure to implement the brand value process you describe, I can see this being really beneficial for my team! Thank you!!
Associate Director New Product Planning
I agree with lots of the suggestions, but I still think in-person meetings are required for the personal connection with our customers. I'll definitely consider using the portal for a pre-work and post-eval for our meeting, though. Great idea, this could really increase our efficiency!
Medical Education Manager
Found some great snippets in the book! Really good insights. The part about advisor fatigue during long meetings definitely rings true. Considering splitting our typical consultancy meetings in March into smaller, ''bite-sized'' engagements throughout the year.

About Impetus Digital

At Impetus Digital, we help pharmaceutical companies manage their advisory boards and steering committees through our best-in-class platform, the Impetus InSite Platform®. We increase the speed and quality of collaboration and outputs through asynchronous online assignments such as discussion forums via InSite Exchange™ and annotation exercises. We manage all content development, project management, documentation, and reports, freeing up your team’s time to focus on their key priorities.

The results of engaging via the Impetus InSite Platform® are:

  • 40% increase in the speed to insight-gathering and project completions
  • 50% increase in the quantity and quality of insights
  • 75% decrease in costs vs. in-person consultancy meetings
  • 90% customer engagement rates, a 30% increase vs. in-person consultancy meetings

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