Diabetes Market Access Advisory Board: A Customer Success Story

In this diabetes market access case study, we outline the design, results, outcomes, and benefits of conducting a series of online touchpoints. In addition to saving our pharma clients time and budget, online touchpoints have multiple benefits over in-person meetings such as high engagement and interaction rates, and the secure and audit-friendly system used.

In the first of three online touchpoints, InSite Surveyor™ and the ever-popular InSite Exchange™ were used to gather insights on the advisors’ situations and needs. In the second touchpoint, the advisors were presented case studies and divided into groups to debate whether the client’s new product would be suitable for these patients. Finally, in the last touchpoint, the advisors co-edited the first draft of a market access dossier using the platform’s asynchronous annotation tool.

By using Impetus’ online platform, the client was able to achieve their goals of value identification, creating a value proposition, and determining the most suitable means of value communication.

Impetus Digital helps clients share and co-create with their key stakeholders, including physicians/surgeons, nurses, allied health professionals, payers, and patients, using best-in-class collaboration, project management, and reporting tools. The Impetus InSite Platform® is ideal for creating engaging conversations on a variety of topics and for receiving feedback on study data, educational and training tools, and new product offerings, among many other things.

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