Medical Device Advisory Board: A Customer Success Story

In this Medical Device/Interventional Cardiology case study, we summarize the design, results, outcomes, and benefits of conducting online touchpoints to prepare for and debrief after an in-person meeting. This case study also highlights the advantages of leaving your in-person meeting planning, on-site logistics, and facilitation to Impetus.

In early 2019, our client—a Canadian team from a large Medical Device company—conducted a total of three online touchpoints before and after an in-person meeting facilitated by Impetus. By adding a pre-meeting online touchpoint, the interventional cardiology advisors were able to get familiarized with the materials to be presented, leaving more time for interactive discussions and knowledge-sharing during the in-person meeting. This also allowed the agenda to be modified in advance to fit in the topics deemed most important by the advisors, and for more time to be allocated to the practical aspects of the meeting: giving the advisors hands-on practice with the client’s coronary stents.

Adding an asynchronous online touchpoint within a few weeks after the face-to-face meeting further allowed the advisors to reflect on the meeting after it was over, ensuring that the data and information shared remained top-of-mind. 

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