Multiple Sclerosis RWE Working Group Customer Success Story

In this Multiple Sclerosis Real-World Evidence (RWE) customer success story, we summarize the results, outcomes, and benefits of using the Impetus InSite Platform® for consensus document co-creation.

In brief, a government-sponsored working group comprising neurologists and academic researchers was tasked with developing a consensus document on the place of RWE in the treatment-decision algorithm for multiple sclerosis patients. To save money, time, and minimize their environmental impact, all interactions took place online, using a variety of Impetus’ best-in-class collaboration tools, including InSite Exchange™, online annotation, interactive web meetings, and Quick Survey.

Once the consensus document was finalized, the client moreover leveraged some of Impetus’ add-on services, including video recording of a presentation and an email campaign, to create awareness and disseminate the document to a wide audience.

Impetus Digital helps clients create sustained relationships with their key stakeholders, including physicians, researchers, nurses, allied health professionals, payers, and patients, using best-in-class collaboration, project management, and reporting tools. The Impetus InSite Platform® is ideal for creating engaging and courageous conversations and for co-creating a variety of documents, including consensus statements and policies.

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