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At Impetus Digital, we do our best to live and work sustainably every single day. However, for our first-ever virtual Earth Week celebrations, we took it one step further and gave all team members the opportunity to take some time away from their computers to get out and do something nice for the environment during business hours. We also hosted fun competitions and shared local and online shopping tips, videos, articles, and other resources to help inspire each other to make (or keep making) eco-friendly and “green” choices. Take a look below to see what we got up to!

Picking up trash

Several people on the team used their time to walk around their neighborhoods, local parks, and nearby ponds to clean up litter, each collecting multiple bags of straws, coffee cups, bottle caps, tissues, face masks, and more!

Planting our gardens

We also used the time to get our gardens ready for summer. We planted a variety of fruits and vegetables, bushes, and flowers to not only feed our families but also to attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds!

Cooking vegan and vegetarian meals

Replacing meat (especially beef) with a non-meat option is an easy and effective way to reduce our individual carbon footprint. For Earth Week, our team showcased their culinary skills by creating mouth-watering vegan and vegetarian dishes. Some of us even enjoyed dinner by candlelight to cut down on our electricity use!

Getting creative

Our team is amazingly creative both in and out of the (virtual) office. From creating beautiful matcha latte art to building birdhouses and repurposing old wood for hand-made signs and planter shelves, there was no lack of creativity among our Earth Week projects!

Donating or reselling used clothing, buying second-hand items

We also took the time to go through our homes and closets to donate old clothes and other items to local Buy Nothing Groups and charity/consignment stores. Donating, reselling, and shopping second-hand are great ways to avoid our clothes ending up in the landfill!

Involving our pets, partners, and kids

Violet & Kylie–two of our many Impetus Digital Office Dogs–hard at work for Earth Week!

More resources:

Every day is Earth Day, and at Impetus Digital, we are actively working towards carbon-neutrality by 2030 or earlier. Check out some of our recent articles and infographics on the topic below:

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