Join us! Virtual Earth Week Challenge for Companies

Impetus Team


Last year, for our first-ever virtual Earth Week celebration, we let the Impetus Digital team take (paid) time during the week to do something nice for the environment. We gave a few general suggestions (clean up trash, plant something, etc.), but everyone could choose their own activities. We then awarded prizes for the most impactful project, best photo, most creative project, as well as a random draw that people could enter by sharing photos, tips, links, and resources. This year, we’re taking it a couple of steps further! We’ve put together a list of detailed challenges for the team to complete. Each challenge will earn them points, which will then become entries into a draw for several eco-friendly prizes (up to 3x the value compared to last year!)

This year, we’re also hoping other companies will join in the fun (if you do, send us a message and we’ll make sure to mention you in our next Earth Week blog post!). Below are some suggestions for challenges, but feel free to adapt these to fit your team’s situation!

Impetus Digital 2022 Earth Week Challenges

Earth Week Challenge: calculate your carbon footprint3 points for:
  • Calculating your personal carbon footprint and sharing ways you plan to reduce/offset it
  • Planting a tree or bush
  • Using Ecosia as your default search engine for the week/month
  • Upcycling items instead of throwing them away
  • Making a donation (> $5) to a sustainability/environmental charity
  • Going zero-waste for the week
  • Writing a letter to a local policymaker regarding your sustainability/environmental/climate concerns
  • Attending a climate protest
2 points for:
  • Involving a friend or family member in your Earth Week activities
  • Each (standard grocery size) bag of trash picked up
  • Planting flowers, vegetables, herbs, and other small plants (inside or outside)
  • Finding out your FoodPrint and reading through the detailed results and resources
  • Taking the #NoBeefWeek challenge
  • Cooking a vegan meal
  • Turning off the power in your entire house/apartment for at least an hour
  • Switching out a common household item for a sustainable/zero-waste option
  • Sharing a sustainability tip, resource, or link with your social network
  • Building a birdhouse
  • Signing an online petition related to sustainability (make sure to share a link with the team to extend the impact!)
Earth Week challenge: pick up trash Earth week challenge: plant something! Earth Week challenge: build a birdhouse
1 point for:
  • Sharing a sustainability tip, resource, or link with the team
  • Showing how you conserve water at home
  • Sharing your creative ways to conserve energy
  • Sharing your “natural” methods for cleaning
  • Showing how you reduce food waste at home
  • Sharing an eye-opening sustainability stat with the team
  • Selling or donating items instead of throwing them away
  • Cooking a vegetarian meal
  • Taking a nature walk
  • Catching the Lyrid Meteor Shower (April 21-22)
  • Correctly guessing a daily Sustainability Trivia question

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