Treatment Pathway Profiling

Treatment pathway profiling on the Impetus InSite Platform® is an effective way of assessing the current and potential places of a product in the treatment algorithm for specific patient populations, while taking into account a variety of demographic, clinical, and regulatory/reimbursement factors. Based on the advisors' or working group members' insights, Impetus' content development team can help put together sequencing maps or treatment pathway profiles that can subsequently be used for a variety of purposes, including medical education or poster presentations, just to name a couple.

Features, Benefits, and How Our Clients Use This…

  • Advisory boards and co-author working groups
  • Creation of treatment pathway or sequencing maps for specific patient populations
  • Determination of a product’s role in current or future treatment algorithms
  • Determination of the factors influencing the treatment choice for specific patients or disease stages
  • Sequencing maps can be used for medical education or as starting points for in-depth discussions on novel sequencing strategies and combination therapies

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