Impetus Digital launches their official tree planting program

At Impetus, one of our core values is sustainability. We have pledged to become carbon-neutral before 2030 (aiming for 2025 or earlier) and are actively working towards this goal through a variety of initiatives and partnerships. Today, we’re excited to officially launch our tree planting program! From now on, every single new project with us plants at least one tree. In addition, we’re also planting trees on behalf of our team to celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Screenshot of live Impetus Digital Tree planting counter

Combined with other initiatives aimed at reducing energy use and fossil fuel dependency, reforestation and minimizing deforestation are important tools in fighting anthropogenic climate change. We acknowledge that this program will not be enough on its own to reach carbon neutrality, and that tree planting and carbon offsetting are imperfect solutions. However, we believe that every action matters and are excited to be part of the solution, not the problem.

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