Post-meeting Reporting and Debrief

In the post-meeting debrief with you and your team, we discuss the strategic insights gleaned from your meeting. We also make our recommendations for future touchpoints or modifications to your pre-planned Longitudinal Expert Engagement Plan™ (LEEP) if you have one. Our summary report includes an executive summary with a meeting overview, key insight identification, and recommendations based on the major themes and insights captured during the meeting, and finishes with key comments from meeting evaluations.

Shortly after the meeting, we recommend conducting a ​post-meeting online touchpoint​ to build on the insights collected. This also helps the advisors think back to and reflect on the learnings from the in-person meeting.

Features, Benefits, and How Our Clients Use This…

  • Distribution of any meeting proceedings to the advisors via the portal
  • Analysis and Recommendations report capturing the key insights from the meeting
  • Debrief meeting to discuss the Analysis and Recommendations report, key themes and insights, and the recommended next steps
  • Post-meeting online touchpoint (recommended)

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